Dr. Aman Hingorani

|| Dr. Aman Hingorani ||

Seminar Room 1, St. Anne's College

On February 28, 2017, we were honored to host Dr Aman Hingorani, for our Oxford-India Speaker Series.

Dr. Aman Hingorani is a lawyer and mediator in the Supreme Court of India and the High Court of Delhi. His book "Unravelling the Kashmir Knot" backtracks into history to evaluate the Kashmir issue in light of British policies and strategic interests in the Indian subcontinuent. To unravel the Kashmir knot it is imperative to first depoliticize the issue and take recourse in legal analysis. This is what the book does with the help of comprehensive analysis of court rulings, UN papers, political observer reports and international law.

Professor Dibyesh Anand, Head of the Department of Politics and International Relations at University of Westminister, also joined Dr. Aman Hingorani as a discussant. Dr Anand has lectured on Kashmir on several important occasions.