Dr Seema Anand - Kama Sutra

|| Dr Seema Anand - Kama Sutra ||

Location: Ante Chapel, Wadham College

We are pleased to have the acclaimed mythologist and story-teller Dr Seema Anand speak at our event.

Seema is a London based mythologist and a practicing storyteller. Seema lectures on the Kamasutra and is an acknowledged authority on Eastern Erotology. She also delivers courses on the Mahabharata, the Bhagavad Gita, Tantric philosophy and the Mahavidyas.

Seema will be discussing the Kama Sutra in addition to romantic stories from India's past.

After her talk, there will be a Q&A where she will be answering all sorts of weird and wonderful questions.

Once the discussion ends, the socialising begins! If you're single, spoken-for, or in between - join in for an evening of fun and games!

Venue: Ante Chapel - Wadham College 
Discussion: 7-8 PM
Valentines Day mingle/social: 8-11 PM