OIS's Chit Chaat: India's Godmen

|| OIS's Chit Chaat: India's Godmen ||

Location: 12 Bevington Road, Oxford

Join the Oxford India Society as we orgaize a space for Indians to discuss contemporary topics affecting India at the weekly Chit Chaats! The format isn't academic, theoretical nor a debate. It's a medium to raise efficacy levels and learn from a vairety of opinions. 

This week we will discuss India's Godmen and the affect they have on India's society. We will being by a short introduction on the riots that occured in North India when Gurmeeet Ram Rahim was pronounced guilty for a rape case with a short introduction by Suprme Court lawyer Utsav Bains through Skype. 

This is a roundtable format after the lecture. Please come willing to learn and discuss! 

Utsav Singh Bains (@UtsavBains) is a human rights lawyer at the Supreme Court of India. He represented the plaintiffs in the criminal case against Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.