An approach to fight social challenges of Modern India

|| An approach to fight social challenges of Modern India ||

Location: Seminar Room A, East Wing, Said Business School

On the road towards tackling the challenges of modern India

Currently in India, we are face to face with many social challenges such as malnutrition, poverty, lack of holistic education, poor hygienic conditions etc. which have crippled the country. Unless the citizens own up the challenges being faced by the society, country and get together to address them the picture may remain more or less unchanged for next several decades. This talk by Prof. Parag Bhargava is an effort to initiate some conversations and actions in that direction.

Prof. Parag Bhargava is a currently a CRISP scholar at the University of Oxford. He is Professor at the Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science department at IIT Bombay. During his tenure at IIT Kharagpur, he established a group (Prabuddha Bharat) with students which worked with children from the underprivileged sections of the society developing and applying ideas on holistic education. He along with other members of a team are currently building a platform ( to bring together different stake holders working in the social sector to be more impactful at a country wide scale.