Our Philosophy

Our Values

As a society, we strongly believe in the idea of "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam", or global oneness. As such, our members include Indian students, students of Indian origin, as well as a significant number of non-Indians who wish to celebrate Indian culture and are interested in the current political, economic, and social issues relevant to India today.

Our Activities

Our activities are centred on promoting Indian culture (music, food, festivals) and contemporary intellectual thought through organising a range of talks, debates and seminars. Moreover, we provide dinners, Bollywood evenings, and nightlife. We also hold joint events with other Oxford societies, and regularly use our events to raise funds for charitable institutions including "Asha for Education", "Bhopal Medical Appeal", "Give India" and "Jamghat". Our commitment to the charitable cause will always remain one of the driving forces behind our activities.

Our Logo

India and Oxford evoke the feelings of forward strides out of the mists of history. The logo has the ‘Ashoka Chakra’ firmly placed at its centre, draped in the famous Oxford blue, with the Sanskrit words ‘truth alone triumphs’ etched in gold. The logo was created by Sahil Hansrani (President) with assistance from Esha Thapar (MArch, UCL) and Zaid Ahmed (External Communications Officer).


We are the official student home for India and Indians on campus. Our remit includes:

- Providing a platform for speakers/debates

- Putting on social events, such large dinners for the community

- Facilitating dance and performing arts events

- Creating a 'home away from home' for Indian students

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